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Dan, the UPS man.

I want to play a game. Imagine, for a moment, that someone published a book in 2005. The book states that Dan, the local UPS delivery driver, is blessed with the ability to heal sick people of whatever ails them. This book lists several occasions when the sick were healed, including their first names and what disease was removed. The book makes it very clear that Dan loathes people that drive under the speed limit in the passing lane. What's more, Dan wants everyone to be aware of how to properly tape a cardboard box so it stays intact during shipping. A few years later, say 2008, someone else in the same state wrote a very similar book, also describing the wonderful abilities of Dan, the UPS guy. This book mentions the same miracles as the previous book, but also describes how Dan would drive his truck without ever stopping to fill the gas tank. And then in 2013, yet another person writes a book about Dan. It lists pretty much the same stories as the first two books, but it also…

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